high-five to World Nutella Day!

Yes, that’s RIGHT, Happy World Nutella Day everybody!

I’m not much of a chocolate eater, never have had that sweet tooth so many people complain about… but oh Nutella. Wonderful, wonderful Nutella.

I remember when I was younger (primary school age if I remember correctly) and I had one of my friends sleeping over. We would sneak out of my room and in to the kitchen to grab a spoon and scoop up a big serving of Nutella and run back to my bedroom. Oh sweet sweet hazelnut sin.

Who would of thought there’s actually a day you can celebrate this gooey spread? I think instead of devouring an entire jar of the stuff I would now prefer to wear it as ear candy!

via MerShannCrafts on etsy.com

High-five to random days of celebration for chocolate spread! Huzzah!

Oh and PS: Happy Birthday to my Matt! xx

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