So, funny thing about coincidences

So last week I posted about how it’s not easy being green.

Funny thing? The new league I’ve started training with, their league colours are GREEN!! Coincidence No?

I’ve started attending training sessions with Melbourne Northside Rollers and so far, so good. The girls seem really nice and happy to have me skating with them. One of them even recognised me from the bootcamp we both attended with VRDL in January, so that was a great ice breaker!

At some point I will be graded to see what level I slot in to. But right now I will be attending the all levels training sessions and working towards getting my fitness back up there.

It’s still a little nerve-wracking as it’s early days, and I’m still meeting all of the skaters and finding my feet… But it hasn’t been too hard being green after all, and I’m excited that I’m back on skates and training again.

Go like their Facebook page HERE.

I want Wednesday

I want a magic cream that I can put on my toenail and it’ll grow back overnight!

This is what happened at the VRDL Bootcamp when I didn’t cut my toenail short enough. With all the toe stop work it put enough pressure on my nail to break it from underneath and it died a slow slow death.

Last week it finally fell off I got impatient and ripped it off… and now it’s all sore and sensitive underneath and a bitch to skate on… not to whinge, cause it looks totally awesome and badass….

But I want a magic cream to fix it STAT!

That is all.

VRDL Season Opener

Saturday night the Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) hosted their Season Opener double-header at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

The league had a big mash up and redraft at the end of last year which saw the teams mixed up and the introduction of their fourth league team the brand new Rock Mobsters!

Being new to Melbourne I hadn’t seen all of the league skaters before (I got to watch the VRDL All Stars play Rat City at the end of last year though, which was EPIC to say the least) so I was definitely excited to see all the new rookies in their first bout and to watch the Vets bring it!

I’ve never reviewed a bout before and as I was too distracted by all awesome plays going on to give you a blow by blow account of the games, this is my short but sweet recap.

First bout was The Dead Ringer Rosies VS The Toxic Avengers. I was pleased to see Swish Cariboom and Kitty DeCapitate wearing the pink for the Rosies and Mad Mel Arena wearing the green and black for the Avengers. I got to meet these 3 awesome skaters when some friends and I attended a VRDL bootcamp back in January.

What I noticed in this first game was that it was indeed very technical and strategic in the way the Rosies defended themselves on the track. Their blockers seemed to work in unison bouncing all over the track to fill those spots to keep the Avenger jammer behind, then opening those channels for their own jammer to sneak through.

I do love a bit of jammer-on-jammer action and saw this quite a few times, specifically when Swish was up against Mad Mel on the line. Both teams also utilising the task of knocking the opposing jammer off the track then high-tailing it in the reverse direction to ensure she enters the track and starts from the back again.

It was a close game from the start with each team having the lead at some point (making it an exciting game to watch) but the Rosies ended up securing the win 168 V 145.

Dead Ringer Rosies gear check.

The Toxic Avengers taking a knee to force the jammer whistle.

Mad Mel Arena having a time-out boogie.

The second game saw the Dolls Au-Go-Go rebadged as The Dolls of Hazzard up against the new kids on the block The Rock Mobsters.

This game instantly felt like a much faster and harder hitting game. The Mobsters are taller and more solid blockers out of all 4 teams, and they bought all their A-game that night.

With an early couple of power jams for the Mobsters they had an impressive lead at half time of 131 V 41. Second half there seemed to be lots of majors dished out. G-Banger (for the Mobsters) notched up a few, with 2 instances of her re-entering the track to take one lap then be sent straight back to the box!

Dolls were working hard trying to keep a tight-pack, when the pack separated that’s when it seemed the point carnage was on for the Mobsters. At one point Alex in Chains took the lead jammer for the Dolls and the crowd exploded, her face said it all really! Pure joy!

Dolls were throwing all the could at the Mobsters. Last jam of the game saw Smashin’ Pop (Dolls) and Miss Chivas (Mobsters) on the line with Miss Chivas getting through the pack first then being sent to the box and Smashin’ Pop jamming the clock down to end with an awesome 20 point jam. Final score Mobsters win 166 V 111.

Ranga Fanga #H0 jamming for the Dolls

Axis of Evon jamming for the Mobsters

An ecstatic Alex in Chains

#100 Candy Rocks = Awesome!

Overall it was a great night of derby! Only bummer was the PA system, it was pretty bad, half the time I really had a hard time understanding what the commentators were saying… hopefully that’s something that might be worked out in the future.

But massive high-five VRDL! Awesome skaters, awesome bouting! LOVING it! If you had season tickets I would snap them up in a heart beat! One thing I am loving about Melbourne is that I’ll get to see more awesome bouting like that! High-five to that!!

PS: Matt’s favourite skater name for the night: Pony Slaystation #1UP – awesome name!!

*NB: All photos are by me. If you want to use any PLEASE credit me and link back to this site. Thanks.

it’s not easy being green

To quote Kermit (the frog).

It's not easy being green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're
Not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky

Being new to anything scares the bejebus out of me. I get a knot in the pit of my stomach, sweaty palms and a feeling of foreboding doom (ok, maybe it’s not THAT extreme, but I find it somewhat uncomfortable).

Moving to a new city has its challenges for someone that finds it hard (in the beginning) to open up and get to know new people. I’m not a flashy character with an exuberant personality that can just bounce in and go “Hey! Yo! I’m Awesome! You’re going to totally love me!”… no, I’m someone that kind of blends in to the background, surveying my new surroundings before I start to feel comfortable.

I think this feeling of awkwardness has set me back a little with moving forward in my roller derby journey. I should have been hassling leagues the moment I got here. Skating with new girls and a new league would open me up to meeting new like-minded people and would give me the confidence to be myself again.

When I first started fresh meat in my old league, I knew no one. It was daunting! I hadn’t tried anything new in years, let alone meeting a whole league worth of new people. It did take a while for me to start forming relationships with the other fresh meat girls, but once you find out they are just like you, falling in love with this new world of derby it was like a light-blub moment and everything relaxes.

I’m just nervous. Skating with a new league, I’ll be the new girl again! Starting all over. All eyes on me, assessing my skills, judging my ability. Gah! I’m getting that ill feeling again.

But green's the color of Spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like an ocean, or important
Like a mountain, or tall like a tree

But I can be cool and friendly-like! I just have to take that leap. Once I finally get things organised and take that first step, I know it will be fine. It’s just braving that first moment when everything is new again.


oh yes, indeedy

So the lovely Eve Yllanside from Diary of a Derby Wannabe couldn’t wait to share these with me for I Want Wednesdays so I found out about these Monday… (via)

I scoured the interweds and came across these from Honestly… WTF

Also these from We Heart It

Now I have my own pair of red cowboy boots that I got in Banff when I was travelling through Canada (oh yes, those bad boys have even ridden a horse AND attended The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!) but combine them with wheels!!? Oh Yes, INDEEDY!

 But of course, I would just like to say:

guest posting is super OK

A friend of mine has just started up her own blog and she was putting out the word for anyone interested in guest posting on her site. But of course I am!

I wrote a little post about blogs I follow… here’s a little excerpt:

Blogs are such a great way for people to express their own style and showcase their business and creative industries. I love sneaking a peek in to their lives and sharing in their personal journey. All the blogs I seem to follow tend to have a fashion aesthetic that I admire (even as diverse as they are!) and it’s a great big melting pot of ideas to draw from. Plus, a little escapism never hurt anyone.

You can read the rest of the article over on Everything Except the Kitchen Sink.

Post a high-five from me while you’re there!!