goodbye my lover

This week I’ve said goodbye to alcohol. I’m not sure how long we will be apart, but it’s  the break from each other we need. Sunday was the start of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge and above all I want to focus on the food side of things. I want to make the very best decisions about what food I am putting in to my body. This has to include cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates, soft drinks and juice and most definitely cutting out alcohol! (mega sad face!).

My chosen lover is always cider! Apple, pear, wild fruits, I’ve tried them all. I see a new cider sitting on the shelves at Purvis or in the fridge at Bar Fred and I HAVE to try it. Full. Of. Sugar! Bad bad bad!!

Fridge at Bar Fred *drool* via Urbanspoon

But I have cut it out before, for a whole month for Dry July last year. I can do it again right? … Ok, I may “accidentally” fall in to a full glass of red wine every now and again… it will probably happen… but if the alcoholic lover calls, I will take up a mistress in the clear spirit family and mix it with some soda and lime. I wont call it cheating if you don’t.

Goodbye my lover…

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