today i got wRECked!

Today I attended a VRDL wRECk session. They have changed their intake process and currently have regular Sunday sessions where you can go and develop your fitness and derby skills before giving it a shot at their regular tryouts.

They are having their next tryout in 2 weeks time and I’m definitely wondering if I’m ready for it!

I haven’t “trained” with anyone since leaving Adelaide (besides the previous bootcamp I attended with the Dames) so I was a little worried how my fitness was going to fair. The fact that todays forecast was 35 degrees (95F) and they train in a non-airconditioned shed where it felt well over 40 did not help my stamina and I kind of felt like I was melting… MELTING! Kind of like this:

Our trainers today were fantastic! They were friendly and helpful and made sure we pushed ourselves to achieve the next level. I felt completely comfortable with a whole new bunch of girls I’ve never met and even surprised myself a little in a few of the drills.

I spoke to one of the trainers afterwards about their tryouts. I told her I’d just moved over from Adelaide and while I am blown away by the pure awesomeness of how they train over here, I do lack a little confidence in some of my skills and not sure whether I should just give it a go. Her response was “just do it”. Give it a go, try your best and go for it. It really is that simple. I tend to over think and complicate things, but it really is that simple (I guess that’s why Nike were the genius’ to use the catchphrase) Just. Dooooooo. It.

In the event I don’t pass this try out, they give you constructive feedback on what you need to work on and you can continue attending the wRECk sessions until they have their next intake. This in itself is very encouraging, not like some leagues that once they have their one intake for the year it’s Bye Bye until the following year!

So now my mental preparation begins. That’s a HUGE part of roller derby and I need to switch my derby brain on and focus on all the things that need extra work.

High-five to giving it my best shot!!

stinky, soaking, wet derby gear!

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