i want to ride my bicycle

High-five to buying bikes!

Today Matt and I went for a leisurely 25km ride around this fair city (and by “leisurely” I mean “hot and sweaty with lots of hills”). We decided to just check out some of the local bike paths and see where it took us.

We ended up on the Capital City Trail which looped us through parks, behind the zoo, under freeways and right through Docklands. We rode along South Bank where we came head to head with the masses of people celebrating Chinese New Year. There were stalls, displays, performances and people everywhere!

We had a peek at what was happening in Fed Square before we took our own detour off the trail and continued past the MCG up to Brunswick St. Fitzroy, where we stopped in at the Evelyn Hotel for a cold beverage and something to eat at Grill’d (Seriously, The. Best. mushroom burgers EVER!) before heading home.

Matt happened to spot a beer shop at the start of the ride, so we found that on our way back so he could stop off to grab something new to try.

My legs are feeling it for sure right now. But I really did enjoy it! I can see us going for more rides, not just to get to know our area better, but it’s fantastic exercise and a great thing we can do together (when I’m not yelling at him to get out of my way! hehe).

High-five to the spirit of adventure!

2 thoughts on “i want to ride my bicycle

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m trying to take my camera with me more when I’m out and about to practice taking good shots!

      I kind of wish we had some winter weather now, it’s been SO hot here lately I feel like I’m melting when I’m out riding!! 🙂

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