Just a little outdoor skate.

Tonight Matt and I strapped on our skates (well he put on his blades) and we went out for a roll around our new neighbourhood to suss out the tracks. Who knew it would be so hilly around here? Umm, not me!

It definitely was a little bit of an adventure as we skated up and down hills, under bridges, over roads and along single lane SUPER narrow paths with bikes and runners coming the other way.

I put my outdoor wheels on my old R3 skates which I hadn’t used since fresh meat! They feel considerably heavier now I’m used to a much lighter boot. I can totally feel my thighs burning after our hour long jaunt. I’m still not used to having to tackle pretty steep hills as my confidence is not up where it used to be, but it’s great to have a skating buddy to help me along and overcome my “wussy moments”.

Checking out the scenery.

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