Bootcamp isn’t about Boots!

Over the weekend I opened my doors for an invasion of Dames from across the border. 6 girls from my old Adelaide team drove over for a 2 day bootcamp with Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) (plus 1 sneaky Vigi that we picked up from the airport). Epic would be an understatement! My body is still recovering! But it was an amazing, AH-MAZE-ING experience which was pretty awesome to attend with a tonne of girls from leagues all over in Australia.

I was constantly amazed and in awe of our All Star trainers (especially Kitty DeCapitate and Swish Cariboom *swoon*) and at the new things I was trying (and not epically failing at)!

I will expand a little with a further review later (when I steal some photo’s from a friend)! But in the meantime, watch this fantastic little clip Dirge from Western Australia Roller Derby (WARD) created! (Hi WARD!)

High Five to VRDL!

One thought on “Bootcamp isn’t about Boots!

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