goodbye my lover

This week I’ve said goodbye to alcohol. I’m not sure how long we will be apart, but it’s  the break from each other we need. Sunday was the start of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge and above all I want to focus on the food side of things. I want to make the very best decisions about what food I am putting in to my body. This has to include cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates, soft drinks and juice and most definitely cutting out alcohol! (mega sad face!).

My chosen lover is always cider! Apple, pear, wild fruits, I’ve tried them all. I see a new cider sitting on the shelves at Purvis or in the fridge at Bar Fred and I HAVE to try it. Full. Of. Sugar! Bad bad bad!!

Fridge at Bar Fred *drool* via Urbanspoon

But I have cut it out before, for a whole month for Dry July last year. I can do it again right? … Ok, I may “accidentally” fall in to a full glass of red wine every now and again… it will probably happen… but if the alcoholic lover calls, I will take up a mistress in the clear spirit family and mix it with some soda and lime. I wont call it cheating if you don’t.

Goodbye my lover…

today i got wRECked!

Today I attended a VRDL wRECk session. They have changed their intake process and currently have regular Sunday sessions where you can go and develop your fitness and derby skills before giving it a shot at their regular tryouts.

They are having their next tryout in 2 weeks time and I’m definitely wondering if I’m ready for it!

I haven’t “trained” with anyone since leaving Adelaide (besides the previous bootcamp I attended with the Dames) so I was a little worried how my fitness was going to fair. The fact that todays forecast was 35 degrees (95F) and they train in a non-airconditioned shed where it felt well over 40 did not help my stamina and I kind of felt like I was melting… MELTING! Kind of like this:

Our trainers today were fantastic! They were friendly and helpful and made sure we pushed ourselves to achieve the next level. I felt completely comfortable with a whole new bunch of girls I’ve never met and even surprised myself a little in a few of the drills.

I spoke to one of the trainers afterwards about their tryouts. I told her I’d just moved over from Adelaide and while I am blown away by the pure awesomeness of how they train over here, I do lack a little confidence in some of my skills and not sure whether I should just give it a go. Her response was “just do it”. Give it a go, try your best and go for it. It really is that simple. I tend to over think and complicate things, but it really is that simple (I guess that’s why Nike were the genius’ to use the catchphrase) Just. Dooooooo. It.

In the event I don’t pass this try out, they give you constructive feedback on what you need to work on and you can continue attending the wRECk sessions until they have their next intake. This in itself is very encouraging, not like some leagues that once they have their one intake for the year it’s Bye Bye until the following year!

So now my mental preparation begins. That’s a HUGE part of roller derby and I need to switch my derby brain on and focus on all the things that need extra work.

High-five to giving it my best shot!!

stinky, soaking, wet derby gear!

i want to ride my bicycle

High-five to buying bikes!

Today Matt and I went for a leisurely 25km ride around this fair city (and by “leisurely” I mean “hot and sweaty with lots of hills”). We decided to just check out some of the local bike paths and see where it took us.

We ended up on the Capital City Trail which looped us through parks, behind the zoo, under freeways and right through Docklands. We rode along South Bank where we came head to head with the masses of people celebrating Chinese New Year. There were stalls, displays, performances and people everywhere!

We had a peek at what was happening in Fed Square before we took our own detour off the trail and continued past the MCG up to Brunswick St. Fitzroy, where we stopped in at the Evelyn Hotel for a cold beverage and something to eat at Grill’d (Seriously, The. Best. mushroom burgers EVER!) before heading home.

Matt happened to spot a beer shop at the start of the ride, so we found that on our way back so he could stop off to grab something new to try.

My legs are feeling it for sure right now. But I really did enjoy it! I can see us going for more rides, not just to get to know our area better, but it’s fantastic exercise and a great thing we can do together (when I’m not yelling at him to get out of my way! hehe).

High-five to the spirit of adventure!

so sentimental, not sentimental no

We have many many gadgets in the house. So many in fact that I do not know what half of them are! Matt is a techno geek that loves the latest and greatest. His latest obsession is with the dream of becoming a documentary film maker from the back of his motorbike. This dream is something I can easily back. I’ll be your camera man, Man! I’ll be your pillion passenger and help edit and make your films (I do not know how to edit, but that’s a minor detail!)

He purchased the VIO POV HD with all the accessories and camera mounts that he “had to have”! Now, there is definitely multi uses for these little cameras… Oh yes, did you say “what about some awesome footage of your outdoor skating Akka?” – don’t mind if I do!!

We went out for the usual track skate just to test out the gear. While we were out we decided to check out the local velodrome near by. Ummm BANKED TRACK anyone? Now, it IS a Velodrome, not quite the right slope to successfully achieve an entire track skate, but it was awesome fun to give it go! We WILL be going back for another attempt!

Anyway, here is the little video that Matt cut together. It’s his first try, it’s my first starring role, so excuse the majority of butt shots! This one’s for you Mum!

(You might have to hit the HD button in the top right hand corner to make the video stream better! – it goes for about 3 minutes).

p.s: I’ll smile more next time!! 🙂

this is why…

… I want to learn the ukulele!

This song always reminds me of a girl I used to train with (Hi Crush’er!!). The original is a great way to get pumped up for derby training.

I wanted to learn the uke way before the hipsters hijacked the craze and made it ironic.

One day I’ll finally buy one and rock the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective’s socks off!! Oh Yeah!