wrap, wrap, wrapping.

I do really prefer wrapping presents than shopping for them!

This year I didn’t have too many presents to organise and got a little crafty with my wrapping. I’m not for coordinating all my gifts in the same paper and ribbon, I like each gift to be something a little special.

For my friend I wrapped her gift in some red patterned paper. I used some different coloured ribbons that clash and tied this around the top. I used coloured ink to stamp ‘you are my favourite’ on a plain gift tag and used a foam initial to set it all off!

For my sister I found an old gift box that I had with a cute vintage elephant picture on the front. I just finished it off with some red ribbon and her name stamped on a small gift tag. Easy peasy!

Lastly for my mum I had to come up with a way to wrap just a small, thin gift. I downloaded an envelope template and created one out of plain white paper. Using green and red ink I stamped a star and heart patten on the front. I completed the wrapping with ‘Mum’ stamped in blank ink with a small frame, silver brads and a polka dot red heart! Voila!

I love seeing other people appreciate the effort you’ve gone to when wrapping their gifts, and the joy they have when opening them! I look forward to that the most on Christmas day.

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