sometimes all you need is a friend on skates

On Saturday I caught up with a friend (Jess) who I used to skate with in Adelaide. We started training with Murder City Roller Girls together back at the start of this year and progressed together successfully in to the league and ended up on the same team together.

Jess moved to Melbourne in August this year. We’d been in contact a few times, and she understood how I felt moving to this big new city, leaving our league behind and starting again in a new derby world.

We went along to Sunshine Skate Centre with the millions of kids (who were having birthday parties) and stood out typically like two derby girls do. It was so great to see Jess and skate and talk about old times. Jess has been skating with a new league here in Melbourne and it was really interesting to hear how the girls over here skate and train.

It was definitely what we both needed I think, to get ourselves excited and motivated again. My favourite quote of the day was when Jess said to me “when did your stride get so good!” Thanks Jess, you made my day!


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