hostess with the mostest

This past weekend we hosted our first dinner party. It was our Christmas-before-Christmas with Mr M’s family. We just had a BBQ with a few salads, nothing too fancy. But as usual we over catered on food and now have enough leftovers to last us a week! Our second fridge is also still quite full with drinks that we could throw a second party this weekend if we wanted to!

I didn’t decorate too much. I got a little creative though and went for a walk along the park and collected some large sticks to make a Christmas tree. I added some red baubles and string-lights and voila, an Aussie Xmas tree suited just for me! Some of the globes went out today when I tried to take a photo but you get the idea.

I hope everyone is getting in to the Christmas spirit. I think it’s a time for family and being thankful for all the good things you have in your lives. I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas with my family this year and for the exciting things the new year will bring!

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