high five to christmas!

Merry Christmas Peeps!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time over the silly season. I will be spending Christmas day with my family in the Barossa Valley then heading back to Adelaide to catch up with some friends before driving home to Melbourne for our first New Years Eve in our new city!

If you’re driving – take care on the roads. If you’re the passenger – don’t be an annoying backseat driver… this has been your community service announcement!

wrap, wrap, wrapping.

I do really prefer wrapping presents than shopping for them!

This year I didn’t have too many presents to organise and got a little crafty with my wrapping. I’m not for coordinating all my gifts in the same paper and ribbon, I like each gift to be something a little special.

For my friend I wrapped her gift in some red patterned paper. I used some different coloured ribbons that clash and tied this around the top. I used coloured ink to stamp ‘you are my favourite’ on a plain gift tag and used a foam initial to set it all off!

For my sister I found an old gift box that I had with a cute vintage elephant picture on the front. I just finished it off with some red ribbon and her name stamped on a small gift tag. Easy peasy!

Lastly for my mum I had to come up with a way to wrap just a small, thin gift. I downloaded an envelope template and created one out of plain white paper. Using green and red ink I stamped a star and heart patten on the front. I completed the wrapping with ‘Mum’ stamped in blank ink with a small frame, silver brads and a polka dot red heart! Voila!

I love seeing other people appreciate the effort you’ve gone to when wrapping their gifts, and the joy they have when opening them! I look forward to that the most on Christmas day.

to do what you love

I was down Brunswick Street in a bookshop yesterday and glanced across the cover of the latest issue of Frankie.

“Do what you love, love what you do”… this is the same quote I used in my ‘Wednesday Wants’ post just yesterday! Is the universe trying to tell me something? This is one of my favourite magazines to read inspiring stories from and about creative people and their adventures. One day it would be nice to grace the pages of this little indie mag. I think I will need to sit down and start plotting out my Grand Plan. Brainstorms Ahoy!

wednesday wants

Wednesday wants… to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

I have studied many things. The list of jobs I have had don’t really follow a clear line of connection and my interests vary widely. I need to narrow things down, work out a plan and focus on the dream… But maybe I need more sleep to work out what that dream is!

by coniLab on etsy

sometimes all you need is a friend on skates

On Saturday I caught up with a friend (Jess) who I used to skate with in Adelaide. We started training with Murder City Roller Girls together back at the start of this year and progressed together successfully in to the league and ended up on the same team together.

Jess moved to Melbourne in August this year. We’d been in contact a few times, and she understood how I felt moving to this big new city, leaving our league behind and starting again in a new derby world.

We went along to Sunshine Skate Centre with the millions of kids (who were having birthday parties) and stood out typically like two derby girls do. It was so great to see Jess and skate and talk about old times. Jess has been skating with a new league here in Melbourne and it was really interesting to hear how the girls over here skate and train.

It was definitely what we both needed I think, to get ourselves excited and motivated again. My favourite quote of the day was when Jess said to me “when did your stride get so good!” Thanks Jess, you made my day!


high five to fridays.

It’s Friday. High five to that! Why is everything just that little bit more relaxed on a Friday? Things are winding down for the weekend and only 9 sleeps till Christmas.

Tomorrow I’m catching up with a friend (that has also moved over here from Adelaide that I used to skate with) and we’re meeting at a skating rink in Sunshine to get our derby on. I’m really looking forward to it! What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?